Acting Workshop and Directing Actors with Leon Herbert


Leon Herbert is a passionate exponent of the Uta Hagen method, in which he was immersed while studying at RADA under Doreen Cannon. He has been in the movie business for 27 years both as an actor and filmmaker. His roles include Scandal, Alien 3 and Batman and most notably as the first black Jesus Christ. After a successful acting career Leon turned to writing and has written 11 feature screenplays and directed numerous plays. He inspires and supports young filmmakers; as a result he has produced nine short films. In August 2005 he completed his first feature film Emotional Backgammon, a romantic thriller set in London. He is currently in postproduction with another feature film ‘Rene Dubois’, a noir detective story. His latest feature film is a street version of Julius Caesar andis currently in preproduction.


“It is clear that Leon’s teaching methodology is informed by his knowledge and experience in the film making industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Leon’s passion and commitment to acting and film-making comes across to his students in a very immediate and intuitive way. Practical role playing exercises combined with contextual storytelling (both serious and anecdotal) provides a rich learning environment where the students are aware in themselves and each others performances where improvement is required.”


Leon Herbert:


Acting Workshop and Directing Actors with Leon Herbert


Six weeks intensive course on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm


£35 per session or £210 for six weeks.


These workshops are aimed at actors who would like to enhance their skills and boost their self-assurance on camera and for Directors who need the skills to be able to direct the actors to get the perfect scene. Come along and participate in weekly Saturday classes or sign up for an intensive 6 day course. Build your confidence - Strive for excellence and aim high!


Saturday classes give you a opportunity to lift your performance onto another level. Explore techniques that will help you the gain the necessary self-assurance on camera. Focus on auditioning skills that will boost your confidence.


Course Detail:


Self-analysis and achieving self-belief


 · Exploring your inner self


 · Audition speeches for TV and film


 · Know the difference – auditioning for commercials/TV/film

   on camera


 · Effective reading/cold reading


 · Do’s and don’ts of the screen test


 · Working with close-up on camera and hitting your marks


 · Learn how to use your eyes, voice and body

   effectively backgrounds


 · Breaking down scenes and lines


 · Studying from screenplays


 · Inner objects/outer objects exercise


 · Improvisation - achieving organic fluidity


By the end of this intensive immersion you will have dramatically increased your self confidence and technical ability and gained an understanding of the skills and requirements need to become a great screen actor.


For bookings and site visits please contact, Leon Herbert Drama Coordinator, on 020 8533 1691 / 07979989381 or Email






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