The LCF works in partnership with local authorities, schools and colleges and other public sector organisations to provide recreational sport, health and fitness to local communities to coach Athletics, Football and Urban Sports to young people. We use qualified coaches and international athletes to deliver all programmes.


The LCF as well as working with young people from all backgrounds is using programmes to develop vital life skills such as improved confidence, discipline, motivation, behaviour and educational attentiveness. Programmes - "Have a Go Day" Athletics Days, Urban Sports Days and Coaching Excellence Programmes - introduce young people and the wider community to sport, develop their athletic abilities, coaching skills, introduce new disciplines and finally create a competitive environment, designed to unearth the talent of the future.


London Coaching Foundation is a registered charity trust (No.1001103) set up in 1990. All of our resources are used to improve and develop our facilities, delivery capability and range of activities.


For further information about our work and how you can support us, please contact Susann Jerry on 020 8533 1691 or Email