Cre8 ARC


The Cre8 Arc is an eco hub, permaculture gardens and sporting facility built using reused and recycled material from the Olympic Park.


The Cre8 Arc is a passive, off grid out-house and permaculture garden designed and built by a pioneering project team using materials from the London 2012 Games and local organisations to showcase a sustainable legacy of London 2012.


 A beautiful sustainable centre/lodge, garden and sitting area

 for the local community and all visitors

Opportunities to learn about low carbon alternatives to

 running and building sustainable homes

 Empowering the local community to get involved and learn

 about sustainable gardening.

Enjoy the beautiful gardens and vertical gardens displaying

 plants for decorative purposes to inject life in the local area

 and uplift the soul.

A showcase teaching environment for schools, colleges and the wider community


Built by the community, for the community, the Cre8 Arc is a template for innovation in sustainable design and community engagement. It is in essence a voluntary project led by professionals from local companies and universities.


These experts are guiding a local volunteer network through the build by imparting skills and knowledge relating to sustainable development and innovation. After the build, the local community will be invited to manage and curate the garden.


We have attracted valued investment and donations from the London Legacy Development Corporation, Wick Award, Groundwork, Chanton, Balfour Beatty, Lafarge Tarmac, Flannery's, Speedyhire, Rendrive,  Zac Monro Architects and Pret a Manger to build the Cre8 Arc;.


Your help is key to our success


To ensure this landmark project comes to fruition, your support is pivotal. This build is projected to become a showcase for new products and innovations in the sustainable market, but we can only achieve our goal with your contributions in materials, product donations, and time. To date we have raised one third of the projected costs and materials.


To find out more please contact Martin Krupik, Project Manager on 020 8533 1691 or  Email


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